Valuation Resources


National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA)
NACVA’s Mission is to provide resources to members and to enhance their status, credentials, and esteem in the field of performing valuations, financial forensics, and other related advisory services.
The American Institute of CPAs
The American Institute of CPAs is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession.

Valuation Standards

Valuations performed by Cirrus Valuation Services are performed in accordance to general standards established for valuation professionals. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 – This document addresses, in general, the approach, methods and factors to be considered in valuing shares of the capital stock of closely held corporations for estate tax and gift tax purposes.
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Standards for Valuation Services  – This statement establishes standards for AICPA members who are engaged to, or, as part of another engagement, estimate the value of a business, business ownership interest, security, or intangible asset.
National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) Professional Standards – Standards developed to provide guidance to members and other valuation professionals performing valuation services.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Resources

IRS Job Aids – training aids for IRS valuation professionals. As stated in the introduction to each, “This Job Aid is not Official IRS position and was prepared for reference purposes only; it may not be used or cited as authority for setting any legal position.”
Discount for Lack of Marketability: Job Aid for IRS Valuation Professionals, September 25, 2009.
This job aid “is meant to provide information to IRS Valuation Analysts when considering the discount for lack of marketability (DLOM).”
Reasonable Compensation: Job Aid for IRS Valuation Professionals, October 29, 2014.
This job aid is a guide on the reasonable compensation issue in Not-for-Profit and For-Profit entities.
Valuation of Noncontrolling Interests In Business Entities Electing to Be Treated As S Corporations for Federal Tax Purposes: Job Aid For IRS Valuation Professionals, October 29, 2014.