Levels of Valuation Services

Cirrus provides different levels of business appraisal services, from basic calculations to in-depth analyses. Each serves a different purpose. All of our business appraisals, however, are performed by a credentialed, experienced, objective, and independent valuation professional. As discussed in our Litigation Support/Economic Damages tab, we provide expert witness services for attorneys assisting clients in contested valuation matters.

Properly executed valuations will require different considerations and methods depending on the purpose of the valuation as well as the type of organization and industry. We tailor the engagement to your needs and endeavor to provide the highest quality product that, when required, will meet not only the scrutiny of the IRS, but also that of shareholders, accountants, attorneys, judges, juries and other interested parties.

Call or email us to discuss your needs. While your project may not fit neatly into one of the categories below, these descriptions show the range of valuation services we provide:

Valuation Engagements

The most comprehensive type of analysis of a business or business interest, these engagements are often prepared in connection with divorce, shareholder disputes, business purchases or sales, bankruptcy, estate and gift tax and other IRS-related purposes, and other instances where rigorous and highly defensible valuations are required or desired. Depending upon the circumstances oral, summary or detailed reports can be provided.

Calculation Engagements

This level of service is often useful for clients with more limited and/or unique requirements. It is generally appropriate for those seeking only “ballpark” estimates or a very specific calculation. Calculation engagements are sometimes useful for business owners at a very preliminary stage of buying or selling a business, for certain buy-sell agreements, for insurance-related purposes, for some cases where only limited information is available, or in other instances where a Valuation Engagement is not required. For a Calculation Engagement, the client and the valuation analyst agree on the valuation approaches and the methods the valuation analyst will use and the extent of procedures the analyst will perform. This level of service is accompanied by a special calculation report that may be oral or written, depending on the client’s requirements.

Report Review Services

Cirrus also offers a valuation review service. This service includes a preliminary review of a valuation prepared by another firm in order to identify major weaknesses or concerns about the report and its conclusions. A more thorough review service is also available.

Other Valuation Consulting Services

Some needs may not fit neatly into one of the above categories. In such cases, we will do our best to tailor our services to fit your specific requirements.